Wooden Furniture Work

A carpenter is a person who makes things out of wood. You could hire a carpenter to build you a dining room table and two long benches.

Carpenters specialize in woodworking, making furniture and buildings from wood and repairing various wooden things. If you wanted beautiful handmade wooden cabinets in your kitchen, you’d hire a carpenter. The word has been around since the 14th century, but it’s been a common last name for even longer.

Wooden & Carpentry Furniture is made in two ways the first one is carpentry furniture and the second one is modular furniture. The basic difference between both is that the carpentry furniture is mostly made by hand and requires a great amount of skill to make the curves and designs on wood by hand and replicate it exactly the same over and over again.

Whereas the modular furniture is made by machines the plain boards are normally 8×4 ft. in size (particle, plywood or MDF) are pasted with the top layer of laminate or veneer then cut to size and dimensions, on the side edge bend is pasted of same color and texture to hide and beautify the ruff side of the boards.